The Charm of Trees - Ancient and Precious Trees in Macao


Date : 05/01/2021

ISBN: 9789996501555
Author: Department of Gardens and Green Areas, Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau of Macao Special Administrative Region, South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Publication date: 2013

To a city, ancient and valuable trees not only are a precious natural resource, but also carry the collective memories for the city’s inhabitants and offer a wealth of information such as local culture, history, climate, flora and vegetation succession. They are also an important tourism resource. It is a rare achievement for a small and densely populated city such as Macao to have preserved some 795 ancient and valuable trees.
In this book, a total of 30 families and 63 species of ancient and valuable trees in Macao have been recorded with information about their growth and distribution, morphological characteristics, uses and cultivation techniques. Containing many colourful illustrations, this book is designed for both experts and the public to understand more about Macao’s ancient and valuable trees. It will also serve as an important future reference in the study and conservation of ancient and valuable trees.