Bryophyte Flora of Macao


Date : 29/11/2019

ISBN: 9799993700226
Publication date: 2010/03

Bryophyte Flora of Macao
The MSAR Government attaches considerable importance to the study and conservation of plants in Macao, as well as related education and promotion activities. In October 2006, the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau invited experts from Shenzhen Fairylake Botanical Garden to launch a three-year study of the diversity of Macao’s bryophytes. Together, they conducted systematic research, including collection and identification of Macao bryophytes. In December 2009, the Checklist of Macao Bryophytes was published; this formed the basis for compiling the Bryophyte Flora of Macao.
The Bryophyte Flora of Macao was published in March 2010. It covers 103 species of bryophytes found in Macao, which belong to 63 genera in 34 families. Each entry of families and genera is presented with a brief description. Keys for genera and species are also supplied. Every species comes with its Chinese name, scientific name, references, characteristics, habitat, geographic distributions and illustrations. Some 97% of them feature colour photos.
There are a number of innovations in terms of research and editing approaches. Each species comes with a tailor-made illustration. About 97% of the species are accompanied by one or more colour photos (including microscope images), something unparalleled in its kind at home and abroad. Furthermore, some characteristics are documented in details that have previously been overlooked, especially those of asexual reproduction.
This book is both academic and practical, serving as a good tool for popular science education, is a reference for experts and academics to study and exploit Macao’s bryophyte resources. It can also serve as a reference book for school teachers, students and nature lovers, enabling them to learn more about bryophytes, particularly the bryophyte resources of Macao.