Checklist of Macao Bryophytes


Date : 29/11/2019

ISBN: 9799993700134
Publication date: 2010-3

Checklist of Macao Bryophytes
Bryophytes are indispensable constituents of the plant kingdom. In order to present the whole picture of Macao’s plant resources so people may better protect these valuable natural resources. In October 2006, the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau invited experts from Shenzhen Fairylake Botanical Garden to launch a three-year study of the diversity of Macao’s bryophytes. Researchers from the bureau and botanical garden crossed hills and streams to complete a major study on Macao’s bryophytes, As many as 103 species are identified, which belong to 63 genera in 34 families. The results proved encouraging and rich beyond expectation.
The Checklist of Macao Bryophytes was published in December 2009. It includes each species’ Chinese name, scientific name, synonyms, references, as well as its specimens, localities, habitat, altitude and geographical distribution. The book is a bilingual edition (Chinese and English), which makes it inviting to expert, academics and nature lovers of different cultures. The book also makes an indispensable tool for research in Macao’s plant resources, and provides comprehensive data for future exploitation and conservation of Macao’s natural resources.