Seac Pai Van Park Trail


Area : Coloane
Address: Entrance: Estrada de Seac Pai Van, Coloane (Parque de Seac Pai Van)
Exit: Estrada de Seac Pai Van, Coloane (Parque de Seac Pai Van)
Length: 1,680 metres
Opening Hours: Whole Day
Tel: 2888 0087
Fee: Free
Transportation: Public Bus Information Station

Built in 1985, the trail comprises of many branch paths including a section of the Nature Education Walk. Entering the trail at its starting point opposite to the Nature and Agrarian Museum, visitors may choose to take four different paths of different length and landscape. The “First Pavilion” and the “Second Pavilion” are excellent for visitors to take a break for the magnificent view. After passing the reservoir, those who are still physically fit for a longer journey may turn right and climb up to the “Peakview Pavilion”. Along this uphill path, you may find its exclusive species of Ear-leaved Acacia, Pandanus and Cassytha. Finishing the whole journey along this trail with scenic views of the island’s natural park, you will get a better picture of Macao’s wild plants with the aid of the information plates and understand more about the ecological environment in depth.